At Trendingames, we believe that there is more to playing than money, that’s why we developed a unique app that doesn’t charge any money and makes all the best games available for free. With our games you don’t play for money; you play for fun. No real currency will ever be exchanged and the only thing you have to worry about is hitting the jackpot on some of our most exciting slot game.

We constantly keep in touch with the hottest developers in the industry so we can provide our customers with new and improved games regularly. This is so we can make sure that you have the best gaming experience possible. That’s right, we’re free! However, we’re still aiming to be one the best gaming apps and in order to do that, we follow a strict line of standards and offer all our users the same guarantee:

  • All games available on the Trendingames are free. You will never have to pay or make a deposit on our site.
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Trendingames provides you with an experience that is not just limited to slot games. Online gaming is a rapidly changing industry and new games are constantly being developed. We make sure to update our app as often as possible so your gaming experience is always the best it can be.